Industrial growth puts healthy farm soil, clean water, and clean air at risk. More traffic, more noise, more chemicals, less food. This is not the right place!


More than a hundred farms, providing local food, supporting Lane County food safety, stewarding the land, and supporting the economy. 


Every years, more than 500,000 people seek solace from nature in the Mount Pisgah area. Birdwatchers and botanists, hikers and riders, and families on a stroll come to the mountain.


Mount Pisgah's native oak and prairie habitats are among the most endangered in North America, harboring 189 species at risk of extinction, some of which occur nowhere else on Earth.

No Industrial Pisgah!

Stop the Springfield Urban Growth Boundary
Farms, not Factories

Seavey Loop is a farming community, minutes from Eugene & Springfield, that serves as the gateway
​to 5,000 acres of nature preserve and parkland. Dozens of  farms produce organic and conventional 
vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, nuts, herbs, flowers, and fish. 

The City of Springfield is planning
362-acre industrial zone
on Seavey Loop in an urban-growth boundary expansion. 
This is not compatible with agriculture, with residences, with parks, or safe transport.
​This is harmful to species and ecosystems.

​This is the worst possible location for industry.    Speak Out!

Seavey Loop Salutes Springfield!


Please send your tax-deductible donations to: "LandWatch Lane County"

with the Memo:

"No Industrial Pisgah".

Mail to:

LandWatch Lane County,

PO Box 5347, Eugene OR 97405.

We are presently seeking $2,500 in donations to cover the costs of campaign activities from now through the end of January 2015 including Sing Unto Pisgah: Voices Save Seavey Loop at Mt. Pisgah north parking lot Sunday Sept. 28, the Seavey Loop Salutes Springfield march to city hall from Island Park Wed. Oct. 22, a  digital photo exhibition, a benefit concert, and some paid advertisements. Donations of any amount are most welcome.

Add your voice, email Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg.

Please join us in our efforts to stop any plans for the urban growth boundary expansion on Seavey Loop.

Our Suggested Message:

Dear Mayor Lundberg:

Please completely abandon any plan for an urban growth boundary expansion which would place an industrial zone on Seavey Loop. That plan is entirely unrealistic, outrageously expensive, and would severely harm the interests of farmers, residents and park users. It would permanently destroy farm and housing sector jobs, and it threatens the health and livelihood of local residents. Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars and immediately announce that Springfield has withdrawn all investigations of the so-called "College View" industrial area. Please investigate other locations where expansion is welcome, and maintain Springfield's superb reputation.

Respectfully yours,

Sing Unto Pisgah

Mass Choir Sings at Mt. Pisgah Sept. 28, 2014 – Raise Voices against Seavey Loop Industrial Zone

The Springfield Native Youth Center drum, Eugene Peace Choir, Raging Grannies and Lane County residents formed a mass choir of 150 singers at Mt. Pisgah Sept. 28 to support a citizen’s campaign against a Springfield urban growth boundary expansion that would place industry on Seavey Loop.

Sing unto Pisgah: Voices Save Seavey Loop took place Sunday September 28 from 3:00 pm near the north parking lot at Mt. Pisgah. The program started with the Springfield Native Youth Center drum singing the AIM (American Indian Movement) Song.

The assembled choir will then performed the Pisgah Antiphony, a morality play with the verses spoken by the poet Walter Simon and the chorus sung by the choir.

Following the Antiphony, the choir sang environmental and spiritual songs led by local musicians Marty Chilla, Rich Glauber, Rob Tobias, Solala Towler, Shanti Shivani, and the Wizard of Maz.

The purpose of the event was to exercise the rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and to gain media attention and public support for the No Industrial Pisgah campaign by Seavey Loop farms, residents and park users.

The campaign is asking Springfield to immediately and completely abandon any plan for an urban growth boundary expansion which would place an industrial zone on Seavey Loop.

Sign the petition to Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg

"We petition the City of Springfield to immediately abandon any plans to expand

toward Seavey Loop and place an industrial zone near Mt. Pisgah."

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