Industrial growth puts healthy farm soil, clean water, and clean air at risk. More traffic, more noise, more chemicals, less food. This is not the right place!


More than a hundred farms, providing local food, supporting Lane County food safety, stewarding the land, and supporting the economy. 


Every years, more than 500,000 people seek solace from nature in the Mount Pisgah area. Birdwatchers and botanists, hikers and riders, and families on a stroll come to the mountain.


Mount Pisgah's native oak and prairie habitats are among the most endangered in North America, harboring 189 species at risk of extinction, some of which occur nowhere else on Earth.

No Industrial Pisgah!

Stop the Springfield Urban Growth Boundary
Farms, not Factories

Seavey Loop is a farming community, minutes from Eugene & Springfield, that serves as the gateway
​to 5,000 acres of nature preserve and parkland. Dozens of  farms produce organic and conventional 
vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, nuts, herbs, flowers, and fish. 

The City of Springfield is planning
362-acre industrial zone
on Seavey Loop in an urban-growth boundary expansion. 
This is not compatible with agriculture, with residences, with parks, or safe transport.
​This is harmful to species and ecosystems.

​This is the worst possible location for industry.    Speak Out!